Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sandankyo Waterfalls

Today my girlfriend and I went for a drive up to the mountains to try and escape the heat that has been hitting most of Japan over the last few weeks. We went to a place called Sandankyo, or the "three level/tier gorge". Sandankyo has some amazing, deep, crystal clear pools and some beautiful waterfalls. I couldn't pass up the chance to try and take some pics, so out came the trusty camera, and away I went. I must admit that most of my shots were over exposed (I was shooting in full manual operating mode and experimenting with shutter speed and aperture). Most got binned, but a few came out all right like the one above. At the end of our hike we dove into one of the pools and it was beautiful and cool. Below are a couple of snaps from my little waterproof camera, and a shot of the sunset we caught on the way home.


aki said...

so cute and i love it♪

giphsub said...


The bubble one was just luck of timing.