Thursday, August 23, 2007

Forced Labor

When I started my job at a private high school here in Hiroshima a number of years ago, I was "placed" in a club as a komon, or coach. I grew up playing all sorts of sports and have no problem with the idea of helping coach a club, in fact I quite enjoy getting in and running around with the students. But I was told that I was going to be one of the coaches for the handball club! Handball? Isn't that a foul in soccer?? So not knowing anything about the game other than that it seemed to be popular in Europe, I designated myself as the team photographer. This April I was mercifully changed to another club. One which I know even less about! American football!! I'm an Aussie! What the hell do I know about this game! Anyway, I don't think I saw our team win even once in the whole time I was supposedly helping the team, but at least I got some good photos! ;)


CB said...

thats funny mate, you in charge of Am Ft. would be like me in charge of Cricket (isnt that a freaking insect BTW? ;) )

giphsub said...

Yeah tell me about it! LOL

An insect??