Friday, September 14, 2007

Long Exposure (長時間露出)

Well I had been wanting to try and get some good night shots for a while, so when I was back in Perth last year I decided to head up to Kings Park overlooking the city and have a fiddle with some long exposure shots. I hadn't really tried before so it took a bit of experimenting, but it really wasn't that hard to get a decent shot with a tripod. This shot seems to be one of the more popular photos on my website ( I quite like the result and definitely want to try and do some more long exposure photography.
去年パースに帰った時に、この写真を撮った。長時間露出の写真を撮ろうと思っていたので、キングズパークに行き撮ってみた。この写真が撮れた。実はそんなに難しくはない、三脚さえあれば。僕のウェブサイトで( )この写真は結構人気があるみたい。


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I Love this photo!!!

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